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Area Committee

The following pages contain brief Job Descriptions of each of the CNIA Area Elected Officers.  Described herein are the expectations common to ALL of the Offices (in addition to the corresponding sections of the A.A. Service Manual).

A.    To attend all Area Committee Meetings, Assemblies, Officers’ Meetings, and special meetings as may arise concerning Area business as a participating and voting member.

B.    To continue reading and developing familiarity with A.A.’s Twelve Traditions and history as found in the A.A. Service Manual, the Twelve Concepts for World Service, A.A. Comes of Age, and other literature concerning A.A. history.

C.   To maintain a willingness and availability to serve on panels put on by Districts and other A.A. entities, as requested.  To attend District Meetings as a CNIA Officer, when requested.

D.   To cooperate with the Area Delegate and other Area Officers in discussing the state and needs of the Area.

E.    To regularly report to the Area any activity or information related to their position concerning Area business.

F.    To maintain expense records with regard to mileage, lodging, telephone, postage, and other necessary expenses for reporting to the Area Treasurer within 30 days.

G.   To be available to attend all Regional and Area service functions.

H.   Be available to participate in a "pass-it-on” for the incoming Officer.

I.      To provide the leadership necessary to foster a sound service structure in the Area.